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What are the benefits of outsourced IT Support?

Outsourcing IT services to an IT support company or managed service provider (MSP) has been commonplace within business for many years. IT services are growing increasingly more important to business and it is essential for any business that these services are well looked after. It may appear that an in-house IT team is the best solution for all your IT support requirements, but there are many reasons why your business can benefit from outsourced IT services.

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1. Lower operational costs

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, outsourcing your IT services can be more cost effective than an in-house IT team. An MSP can offer far more resources to benefit your businesses. An MSP can typically offer a much larger team of IT professionals than your typical in-house team, as well as access to the latest and greatest technology. Outsourcing your IT services also eliminates the stress of holiday or illness cover.

2. Experience and Expertise

By outsourcing your IT services to an IT Support company, or MSP, you gain unlimited experience and expertise. An MSP is likely to have experience and knowledge from working with a wide range of industries and company types. Meaning that is unlikely for them to face a problem that, at least one employee, has not faced before.

3. Increased Productivity

If often happens that individuals with IT knowledge get side-tracked into helping co-workers with IT requests, such as help with logins or setting up printers. This results in a lack of productivity as the employee is having to take time away from their role to help with these requests. IT support companies or MSPs will have a dedicated help line and email address for your employees to use to report IT issues, freeing up your existing staff to carry out their own work.

4. Cloud Services

Cloud services allow your users to work from anywhere, any time and provide great business benefits such as; greater scalability, more manageable costs and productivity gains. A MSP will not only be able to securely migrate you to a cloud-based platform, but they will be able to manage this for you.

5. Access to other services

MSPs often offer a whole spectrum of IT services and can become a ‘one stop shop’ for your IT requirements. Additional services often include; telephony, structured cabling, procurement, website development and graphic design.

Thinking of switching IT provider?

At IT3000 we pride ourselves on making switching IT providers as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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