Is your business prepared for remote working?


Is your business prepared for remote working?

Many business are looking to increase their remote working capabilities and we are receiving more and more enquiries on how business can prepare for this.

Remote working allows users to access files and applications from home or other locations.

Here at IT3000 we can help you prepare for remote working and have compiled the following guide to help explain the different options available to you.

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How can my users work remotely?

There are multiple options that will allow your users the ability to work remotely. Whether your users need to access files, your full network or make calls from their usual extension the below range of solutions will fit your business’ requirements.

Office 365 allows your users to securely access their work from anywhere in the world, on any device. Users can access, edit and share files and email remotely from any location using the following Microsoft products. If your users are set up with Office Business Premium or Office 365 E3 licenses these services should be available to you.

  • Office 365 Email
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • Teams

Your team can work from anywhere with cloud services. Your network is hosted in a secure datacentre and all of your users connect into this remotely, allowing them to access your entire network from any location on any device. Cloud hosting can be provided on IT3000’s secure cloud platform or through Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services

For traditional on premise servers a remote desktop service allows remote users to access your entire network from any location on any device.

A VPN allows users to access existing on premise servers remotely from any location on preconfigured devices.

VOIP phone systems can be cloud hosted or on premise. They allow users to make calls using traditional handsets, soft phones or mobile apps. One of the benefits of a VOIP phone system is that it allows users to make calls from their usual extension without being onsite.

Ensure that any PC users can work from home quickly and effectively with preconfigured laptops. Spare laptops can be preconfigured to ensure that minimal setup is required to enable users to work remotely.


Adds an additional level of security to cloud services. Multiple options available depending on the level of security. Protects against threats from stolen passwords. Protects home users.

Anti Virus

Ensure that anti-virus is installed and is up to date on any devices that connect into your network, both locally and remotely. Cloud managed anti-virus is included as standard on all business devices supported by IT3000.

Computer Use/Remote Access Policies
If you are opening your network to remote access then a computer use (or remote access) policy is imperative in ensuring that users are working in a secure manner.