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What is RFID & NFC?

RFID and NFC are wireless technologies that allows communication between devices. It is commonly found in everyday items such as credit or debit cards, door entry cards and keyless entry car keys.

What are RFID & NFC Attacks?

Wireless identify theft

Wireless identity theft, also known as contactless identity theft or RFID/NFC identity theft, occurs when scammers or hackers use a device to scan for the frequencies used by RFID or NFC devices in order to steal data.
RFID ‘skimming’ or ‘electronic pickpocketing'
If a scammer or hacker has an RFID or NFC scanner, they simply need to get close enough to a wallet or purse to scan for your cards frequency and obtain sensitive data. Depending on your bank or card issuer this could include your name, card number, card expiry date, post code or even details of your most recent transactions. This data could then be used to clone your card, and with the 2021 contact limit increase to £100, it would be easy for criminals to start spending your hard earned cash.

How can you prevent wireless identity theft?

An RFID/ NFC blocking card is a small card that you keep in your wallet next to any RFID or NFC enabled cards to protect your cards information. They actively scramble the signal from any scanners that are trying to access your cards information, preventing it from being stolen by hackers.

Keyless car theft

Keyless car theft, also known as relay theft, is a method of using the RFID or NFC used by your key in order to gain access to your vehicle. Thieves will typically work in pairs, one using a relay amplifier and one using a relay receiver, targeting houses with desirable cars and using their equipment to gain access and ultimately start the car.

How can you prevent keyless car theft?

 The first step is to keep your keys away from your car, to make it harder for criminals to detect and amplify the signal. Another option is a faraday pouch, or box, that has a metallic lining designed to block the signal from your keys so it cannot be detected.

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