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Protect Your Data

Whilst you can implement tools and best practices to minimise vulnerabilities and threats, and there are many that we recommend, there is unfortunately no method to eradicate these entirely. The most important thing you can do is protect your data.

What could affect you?

We often think that the only risk to our data comes from hackers and cyber attacks, such as ransomware, but your businesses data is vulnerable to a whole range of scenarios.

UnTargeted Cyber Attack

An untargeted cyber attack is where an attacker targets as many devices or users as possible. In this instance they do not care who the victim is. These type of attacks often include ransomwear and phishing attacks. 
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Targeted Cyber Attacks

In a targeted cyber attack, your organisation is singled out because the attacker has a specific interest in your business. These type of attacks often include spear-phishing attacks or Denial of Service attacks.
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Natural disaster

Each business location faces its own unique natural diasters, and these will impact businesses in different ways. From the descrution of IT hardware to the loss usable work spaces, floods, fires, and storms are all real threats to any business.
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Data Corruption

Whether it be the result of a power outage, a hardware failure or the improper shutdown of hardware, data corruption could have a devastating affect on your business. Once data becomes corrupted it is usually impossible to return it to its original state.
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Hackers and scammers can target the cards in your wallet or purse and gain valuable information. Once stolen, they can use your data to clone your credit card, steal your car or even gain access into your secure building. As a result, RFID and NFC hacking is becoming a real concern.
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Human error is perhaps one of the most common threats to your data. Dropping your phone, spilling water on your laptop or accidently deleting a file or folder can all result in accidental data loss, no matter how hard we try to look after our devices .
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What can you do?

Whilst there are ways of minimising risks, they can never be eliminated entirely. We recommend a combination of implementing best practices in regards to security, and a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution, to best protect your data.

have a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery strategy

Having the correct backup solution for your business protects you against the loss of data, whilst the
correct restore process can enable your business to continue to run in the event of total loss. Whether it be a cloud, on premise, Microsoft365 backup, or a combination of all three, IT3000 can work with you to develop and implement a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery strategy to protect your data.
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review your backup regulary

We advise that you work through our handy checklist to make sure your backup and disaster recovery strategies are up to date and relevant. If a backup is failing, is not configured to backup new folders or isn't retaining data for as long as you think, then your data is not protected. Remember to contact us if you are unsure about any aspects of your backup, or if there are areas you could improve on.
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Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA, is an additional layer of authentication that protects your users accounts against vulnerabilities such as hacking. Multi-Factor authentication uses a combination of knowledge, possession and inherence to authenticate your access to a device or application.  
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Use RFID/NFC Blocking cards

An RFID/ NFC blocking card is a small card that you keep in your wallet next to any RFID or NFC enabled cards to protect your cards information. They actively scramble the signal from any scanners that are trying to access your cards information, preventing it from being stolen by hackers.
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stay informed

Our help centre is full of useful information, with everything from our backup review checklist to information on cyber attacks and the benefits of multi-factor authentication, all available at the click of a button.
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