This Statement applies to the processing of personal data at IT3000 Limited

  • The data controller is David Evans or Kathy Ward.
  • We process personal information to enable us to provide IT support and advice service, managing our own staff, maintaining our accounts and records and promoting our services.
  • The categories of data collected and used for the processing operations are:
    – Personal details (Name, phone number, email address/s and business address)
    – Next of Kin (Employees and contractors)
    – Education and employment details (Employees)
    – financial details (Employees)
    – goods and services provided
  • The recipients of the data are:
    – Accounts team
    – Sales
    – Technical Support staff
    – Directors
    – Marketing
  • We process personal information about:
    – Our employees
    – Customers and clients
    – Complainants, enquirers
    – Suppliers
    – Professional advisers and consultants

Everyone has the right of access and the right to rectify the data concerning him or her by contacting the person designated as overseeing the processing operation. The right of rectification can only apply to factual data and within compliance regulations.