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What are cloud services?

Cloud services are the delivery of different computing or IT services over the internet or “the cloud”. Instead of requiring traditional physical hardware on site, you access your services over the internet from a cloud provider. This removes the need to purchase, store and maintain physical hardware.


What are the benefits of cloud solutions and services?

  • Greater Scalability

    With cloud-based services, you can quickly and easily scale provision to your business needs. New users can be added instantly. You only pay for what you use and as you grow, so can your platform.

  • Productivity and Efficiency Gains

    Cloud solutions can increase efficiencies by housing everything in one centralised place. They reduce the amount of time spent looking for files, and improve collaboration.

  • Improved Speed and Performance

    Our cloud services platform uses best of breed hardware and our UK based tier 3 data centre provides a redundant high speed internet connection.

  • More Manageable Costs

    Most cloud applications are monthly subscription services, meaning that businesses can better manage their costs.

  • Greater Redundancy Measures

    Cloud solutions typically have robust backup measures in place to mitigate any service loss, meaning that companies can rest assured there will be no crippling downtime.

  • Getting Rid of Costly On-Premise Hardware

    Having physical infrastructure like a data server onsite can be incredibly expensive – both to install and maintain. Shifting storage to the cloud removes this large capital outlay.


Our cloud services include

  • Data Centre Hosting

    Our cloud solutions are run in line with our ISO 27001 accreditation and use best of breed hardware to provide a reliable, effective and affordable solution. We offer redundant hardware and connectivity across multiple data halls within a UK based tier 3 data centre.

  • Office 365

    Microsoft’s industry leading all-encompassing Cloud solution. Office 365 provides unparalleled levels of functionality and accessibility combining cloud based email, Cloud storage and software licensing all in one simple subscription package.