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Is your business moving?

Over the years IT3000 have helped hundred’s of businesses relocate or open additional offices or warehouses, so we’ve put together a handy business relocation guide that we hope will help you in the process. Contact us to see how we can help.

Your easy guide to

Business Relocation


If Internet connection and speed are important to your business, before signing any lease we would recommend checking what may be available to your new location.

Are you moving to a new build?
This may have its own challenges as your new building may not be listed on BT Openreach yet, and the Post Office may not know this address.

Then as soon as you decide where you are going it is worth checking as it could take up to 4 weeks to get the address listed.

How can IT3000 help with your business relocation?
Let us help with checking availability of services and in this process we can make sure your new address exists, if not we will get it added to the service providers database.


This should be one of the first services you order, as if you need a lease line the will take around 90 WORKING days to install (around 4 months) assuming there are no issues with cable runs.

Even if broadband is all you need, we recommend installing an analogue line and broadband circuit as soon as you can as this can take up to 4 weeks.

How can IT3000 help with your business relocation?
We can quote, order and manage the installation of your internet connectivity and telephony.

Office layout for cabling

Plan your new office layout and services location, it is much easier to cable and put power in the building before you decorate or move desks in.

Even if your new office has existing Cat5e/Cat6 cabling it may not be in the right location for your plan and may need testing and repairing.

How can IT3000 help with your business relocation?
Get us involved in the office planning stage, we can then advise on cable runs, cooling for you server room and installation of your data cabling.

CCTV and access control

While installing the data cabling this is also a good time to plan for door access control solutions and CCTV.

How can IT3000 help with your business relocation?
We can help plan and install your CCTV and access control solutions, as these solutions are connected to your network it is easier to install this alongside your data cabling.


Fire and intruder alarms – Before you start with too much decoration don’t forget to install your Fire and intruder alarm systems – the building you are moving to may already have these – make sure they will meet your requirements and intruder sensors are in the right place.

How can IT3000 help with your business relocation?
Although we don’t install or supply fire or intruder alarms we can recommend people to help with this – we can also interface your fire alarm or intruder alarm system to the access control system – as many of these systems now have IP signalling we can help advise on the best way to connect.

The alarm panels may well need a Cat5e (structured cabling) point or monitoring or configuration.

IoT (Internet of things)

Are you planning a “smart office” or building – From Cabling and Wi-Fi to Monitoring and support if your new office will have IP connected light, speakers, windows, blinds, heating or vending machines, make sure you have the network coverage to support these device.

Don’t forget even if your IoT device works over 3 or 4G the phone signal in the building may be weaker than outside.

How can IT3000 help with your business relocation?
We can advise on the connectivity required for your IoT devices – we work with partner to install “smart building” solutions making sure the network is secure and capable of supporting your requirement – we can also monitor and support any IP connected device.

We can advise and install mobile booster equipment to improve mobile reception and data within your new office or warehouse.


Wi-Fi is a standard service in any office or warehouse now, we would recommend a predictive Wi-Fi survey before you install your wireless access points, this way you will know what coverage you will get before you move to your new location.

How can IT3000 help with your business relocation?
We can offer predictive Wi-Fi survey based on a scale plan of your new site no matter if a small office relocation to multi thousand square foot warehouse, school or stadium. If we are installing your Wi-Fi these surveys are free. We can then plan and recommend the best Wi-Fi solution for your needs, install and if required manage.

If you are are a retail business, a hotel or are offering Wi-Fi to your customer or the general public talk to us about our social Wi-Fi offerings.

Your online footprint

It is easy to forget, but most search engines pick you address up automatically. With most you need to be verified before you can make a change, this involves a number being sent in the post to your old and new address to allow you to make changes.

Don’t forget to change your website, email footers and stationery.

How can IT3000 help with your business relocation?
We have a web and marketing team who are doing this for our clients all the time, take the stress out of your move and let us manage your online profile.


VOIP/SIP phone systems allow you to take your phone number with you, even if you are moving to completely new area – moving to a VOIP phone system may also make the move day much easier and allow your business to keep taking calls while staff are on the move.

If you are opening an additional office, warehouse or retail unit VOIP phone systems allow for great flexibility, including the ability to make and take business calls on your mobile.

How can IT3000 help with your business relocation?
Hosted, hybrid or on premise we will have a solution to match the requirements for your business, from single users to a tens of thousands high availability we will have a solution to help your business – all our solutions are secure and robust and will give you the flexibility you need in your move.

Tell your customers your moving

Let your customers and potential customers know what you’re up to by including an update on your website and social accounts. An e-shot or even a postcard in the mail are great ways to ensure your customers are aware that you are moving.

Better still, send them an invite to come and visit your new facility.

How can IT3000 help with your business relocation?
Talk to our web and marketing team about how you can make social media work for your business.

The move day

Will you be moving your Servers and workstations? If yes then you need to ask how safe is your data? Make sure you have a good backup before you move anything.

Do you have a plan of action for moving critical equipment?

How can IT3000 help with your business relocation?
We have a fantastic group of engineers who care about your business. We will come and do a pre-move day plan with you, check your network and highlight any risks we find – if required we can replicate your data to our datacentre before the move.

On your move day we can move all of your network equipment, get it installed in your new facility and make sure everyone has access to the data they need

Network services and email

Once you are in your new location you may not have the same network address as you had in your old location, so things like Email, Office365, VOIP lines, VPN and Cloud connectivity may need to be reconfigured.

How can IT3000 help with your business relocation?
After the move we can be onsite to help with any systems that may need to be reconfigured – this would have been highlighted in the planning stage

Security tests

Once you have moved, we would recommend doing some security tests on your network as often some “shortcuts” may have been made to get something working quickly.

It can sometimes happen that in the busy period of a relocation things can get forgotten, leaving your business vulnerable.

Things we would test and check are:

  • Is your server backup working correctly?
  • Are there any holes in the Wi-Fi – did you allow your contractors access? Do you need to change passwords?
  • Firewall external penetration test
  • Did you share documents with third parties during the move – are these shares still open?

How can IT3000 help with your business relocation?
After the move we can be onsite to help with any systems that may need to be reconfigured – this would have been highlighted in the planning stage

What to do

After your move

IT3000 are passionate about YOUR BUSINESS – if you succeed we succeed. We are passionate about supporting your office, school, warehouse, remote workers, business park or anywhere you need access to your business data. Let us help you to run your business by taking the IT issues away.