IT3000 may use personal data for marketing purposes, this is under the GDPR Recital 47 a legitimate interest.

We may want to be able to contact our prospective customers to tell them about the services we offer.

We may also call to inform prospected customers about:

  • Interesting developments in IT
  • To Invite you to one of our open days or seminars
  • Current IT risks we feel we should be informing business customer about
  • If we have been asked to call by one of our vendors
  • Where a prospect has shown an interest in one of our products or services

Data IT3000 could keep includes:

  • Your Business details, including address, website address and business phone numbers
  • Your name
  • Your contact numbers
  • Your business email address

We will never pass this data on to any third party and we make regular reviews on the data we hold.

We also document where we collect our date, often it is from Webforms, shows, company house or where a vendor has pass us the information because you have showed an interest in a product.

IT3000 is a business to business company and will never knowingly call a consumer.

IT3000 will always be professional in all ways we conduct business with you including:

  • Making sure we are professional and courteous on the phone
  • Making sure email content is relevant
  • Limited the number of calls we make to you
  • Limited the number of emails we send

We hope we are some use to you at some point, but if you don’t want to hear from use you have to right to opt out of contact, or to choose the way in which we contact you.

We look forward to working with you.