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Cyber Security News

Cyber Security News

Amazon Prime Phone Scam

Fraudsters are targeting members of the public by impersonating the online giant Amazon Prime. Victims receive an automated call, claiming that an Amazon Prime subscription has been purchased using their detail...

Cyber Security News

Microsoft Phone Scams

We are seeing an increase in the number of scam callers masquerading as Microsoft engineers . They operate by calling phones, both mobiles and landlines, requesting that you press a number to be put through to ...

Cyber Security News

In 2018 two out of three business fell victim to a cyber attack

In 2019 Sophos, a supplier of antivirus and encryption products, surveyed 3,100 IT managers across 12 countries. The independent study, carried out by UK based research house Vanson Bourne, revealed a number of...

Cyber Security News

Wikipedia hit by DDoS attack

Wikipedia, the worlds most popular online encylopedia, was hit by a DDos (distributed denial of service) attack which caused many of their servers across the world to go offline. The Wikimedia Foundation, the n...