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Amazon Prime Phone Scam

Fraudsters are targeting members of the public by impersonating the online giant Amazon Prime.

Victims receive an automated call, claiming that an Amazon Prime subscription has been purchased using their details. They are then asked to press 1 to cancel the transaction. This takes them through to the scammer, who impersonates an Amazon customer service representative.

The fraudster tells them that the transaction was fraudulent and that they need remote access to the victim’s computer to fix a security flaw to stop it from happening again.

The fraudster then instructs the victim to download a remote access application, such as TeamViwer, allowing the fraudster remote access to the victims computer and allows them access to their personal and financial details.

Although this scam is reported as Amazon Prime it would be possible for fraudsters to deliver the same scam under any company or subscription service.

What should I do?

Never install any software on your device as a result of a cold call.

Companies, such as Amazon, will not contact you via phone. If you receive a phone call from a company that you suspect may be fraudulent hang up an contact a trusted advisor or call the company directly.

Always make sure you call the number listed on their website and not one that could have been provided by a fraudster, such as those found in emails or given over the phone.

For more information visit the Action Fraud website

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