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7 Simple Tips to help you with working from home

As we find ourselves in another lockdown more and more of us have found ourselves working from home.

NHS England acknowledge that, although there are some perks to home working, feeling stress, boredom, anxiety and uncertainty is also completely normal. To help they’ve but together these 7 simple tips to help you feel more productive and take care of your mental health whilst working from home.

View the full article here – 7 simple tips for tackling working from home | Every Mind Matters | One You (

We are always here to offer advice or recommendations for home working so contact us on 01455 247 830/ 01202 830 830 to see how we can help your users work more effectively from home.

1. Set and stick to a routine

Without a routine or schedule the lines between work life and home life can get blurred. Try to stick to your usual routine and get up and the same time each day.

2. Make a dedicated workspace

Finding a quiet space, ideally away from distractions such as people or snacks, is the key to a happy home working environment. If you need any help setting your office computer/ phone up at home remember to contact the support team.

3. Give yourself a break

NHS England say that making time for breaks helps manage feelings of stress, so try to take regular lunch breaks or screen breaks – just as you would if you were still at the office. They even recommend adding in some stretching or a 10 minute home workout!

4. Stay connected

Working from home can make us all feel isolated, so try to schedule video calls and pick up the phone instead of emailing. If you need any advice about platforms such as Teams or need any additional equipment to help your staff stay connected give your account manager a call. 

5. Set boundaries

You’ve gone from working with colleagues to being surrounded by family and pets! It is important to set boundaries and to have discussions with family members about your needs when working from home. 

6. Think longer term

We could all be working from home for a while! So think about how you can make working from home work for you. Is there a better room you could work from? Or would you benefit from some new equipment or software? Remember you can talk to your account manager about any home working requirements.

7. Be kind to yourself

Something we all need to remember is that is an unusual situation and things will not feel normal. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that working from home is not the same as working from the office or your usual environment.

How can we help you?

Many business are looking to increase their remote working capabilities, allowing their users to access files and applications from home or other locations.

There are multiple options that will allow your users the ability to work remotely. Whether your users need to access files, your full network or make calls from their usual extension the below range of solutions will fit your business’ requirements.

  • Microsoft Cloud Services
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • VPN
  • VOIP Phone Systems 

If you are interested in increasing your remote working capabilities contact us on 01455 247 830/ 01202 830 830 or speak with your account manager.